Into God’s Future Part 3

Into God’s Future — the future of our future story!!

Thanks to all of you for participating in the many stages of our spiritual strategic journey so far. From the intrepid group who answered Pastor Christina’s call last winter to help shepherd the process, to the crowd who met with George Bullard last February, to the 3 dozen of us who took on praying together during our 100 Days of Discernment, to those who celebrated and responded to those discernments at our workshop in June, to the creative souls who created and presented our three scenarios, and finally to the team that produced the future story presentation for worship Dec. 5.? We’ve been blessed with all of your wonderful support, energy, gifts throughout this process of discernment.

So, what’s next? First of all, if you missed the service on December 5, or if you would just like to see the presentation again, Allison Gallaher can provide you with copies of the PowerPoint presentation and the sermon. We look forward to your feedback, affirmation, challenges, questions and suggestions. You can deliver something in writing to Allison or Pastor Christina or the church office staff (who’ll get the comments to us), or email, call or buttonhole us at coffee hour. On January 9, we will have a coffee chat during the open time between services to get together to talk about the Future Story and the thoughts it inspires.

In February, we will have a Saturday workshop to create a Future Story fulfillment map, beginning to bring our future story to life with plans and action. Remember, nothing in the story is set in stone — none of it will come forth unless we bring our faithfulness, effectiveness, and innovation to the table! After that, we’ll begin living into our Future Story, beginning with Lenten prayer triplets who will consider the questions — What do I need to give to help First Church live into its future story? What do I need to give up to help First Church live into its future story? — These will launch around Ash Wednesday next spring (March 9).

We are blessed to open ourselves to holy relationship with God, with others, and with our city. And we are blessed to be journeying together — Into God’s Future.

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