Into God’s Future Part 2 Update

Into God’s Future is a spiritual strategic journey with three steps:

1: 100 Days of Discernment

2: Writing Our Future Story

3: Living Into Our Future Story

On June 5 and 6, 2010, we celebrated the end of our 100 Days of Discernment!

What did we discern? The 35 diverse First Churchers, from all walks of life, who met in 10 prayer triplets over the course of the 100 days, submitted 40 insights about the future into which God is calling First Church. “Our Vision of God’s Future” reflects those insights and groups the insights in related clusters. Some of these statements are true of First Church now. Some of these statements would be true of First Church in the future we are envisioning. Although some of the wording was changed for consistency, every single insight submitted by a triplet is reflected here.

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What happens next?

Throughout the summer, we will continue the journey through Step 2: Writing Our Future Story. Three small groups will work on three different scenarios of what First Church might look like in 2020. These three scenarios reflect some major themes that repeatedly appeared among the 100 Days insights. One scenario will be shaped by the theme of Relationships. One will be shaped by the theme of Faith and Worship. One scenario will be shaped by the theme of Programs.

Each scenario group will write a story of First Church in 2020 and how we might have gotten there. They will present that future story to the congregation — probably in late September. First Churchers will be invited to choose which scenario best represents where we think God is leading us.

One of the scenarios will then be developed into our final Future Story.

What should we be doing now?

By all means keep praying! Pray for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and imagination to stoke the creative fires of each scenario group and all of us at First Church and stay tuned for an opportunity to experience these potential future stories.

Feel free to contact our Vision Team Coordinator with your questions or comments: Allison Gallaher

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